Sphere jewels are defensive in nature (adding to armor and hitpoints ect.)
Kr sphere of regeneration

They upgrade with:Edit

Quarry bloom: used to upgrade all sphere jewels

Blue scarab : used to upgrade superior and above jewels

Silver Leaf: used to upgrade epic jewels

Some jewels of this type areEdit

Sphere of regeneration : adds to health restoreation per second (evo max: 10 health per second)

Sphere of Armor enhancement : adds to overall armor (evo max: +2% armor)

Sphere of agility : adds to parry and dodge rating (evo max +0.45 parry and +1.80 dodge rating)

Sphere of Block and health adds to Defend rating and health (evo max +1.80 defend and +100 health)

Sphere of malevolance: adds to armor and max mana ( evo max +1260 armor and +48 max mana)