Sir Caleb.
Sir Galeb

Sir Caleb aka Sir Caleb - the Skill Trainer

Over here! Please help!

Much obliged. Let's check for survirors in town...

Let's regroup back in town.

Lorian has been captured by Dirk Deadwood! He's one of three brothers that lead the Darkwood Bandits. Follow the path and save our merchant!

Lorian sells all manner of food to restore Health lost in combat, among many other items.

You've earned another Skill Point which you can use to increase the power of your existing skill. Come speak with me now and I will show you how to do this.

Unless we can take the fight to them! If our Hero can take out their leaders, maybe we stand a chance!

Markus Deadwood is the oldest and cruelest of the three brothers. Taking him out will not be easy.

Using skills consumes Mana. You should visit Lorian's shop to buy some Ale. It will quickly replenish your Mana!

You've unlocked a new Skill and also earned another Skill Point! Come talk to me now so you can learn your new Skill!

Gregor Deadwood is the true leader of the Deadwoods.

If you can somehow manage to defeat Gregor, the rest of the Deadwood Bandits should disperse. Godspeed, my friend.

Hero, you must find Magnus, our Blacksmith. His weapons and armor will greatly aid you in battle.

When I was a boy, my mother would walk me through these woods. She told of monsters that ate men who strayed from the path. Stay alert.

Hero, you've returned with Magnus! So good to see you again, old friend!

Surely, we must bring this news to Princess Emma in Brightwall.

The Spider's Den lies between here and Brightwall. Take heed, where there are spiders, there will be a queen.

I'm sorry to interrupt father, but our scouts report that the Blackdog mercenaries have overtaken KingsRoad Creek.

There is no other way. Our Hero must battle his way through the Blackdogs to reach the Princess.