Hurls a ball of <element> energy dealing <percentage> <element> Damage to an enemy and all surrounding enemies. Enemies hit will continue to take <percentage> <element> damage for 3 seconds. This is the mages most used skill. Getting it to level 10 and with a high rune is a must. IF you start as a mage you will be given the empowered fire blast rune from a quest

on top of your standard damage (based on skill level) an elemental power can be added

<element> changes depending on the rune that is attached to this skill. The following runes can be attached:

  • Empowered Fire Blast (evo max: 16,400 + 99% of your standard damage)
  • Shadowball (evo max: 7188 + 79% of your standard damage plus all hit are stuck fast for up to 3 seconds)
  • Frozen Sphere (evo max: 2810 + 87% and all who are hit are slowed {movement?} for 1 sec)
  • Nature Ball ( evo max 2706 + 93%)
  • Empowered Frozen sphere (evo max: 28,800  + 100% and slowed for 3 seconds
  • Radiant ball (evo max 17500 + 116% and increases any further light damage for the next 1 sec by 20%)
<percentage> changes depending on the level of the skill. The level of the skill is changed by applying skill points.