Father Byron
Father Byron..

Father Byron aka Father Byron - the Sage

Welcome to our humble village. Everyone fled when the Deadwood Bandits attacked. I am Father Byron.

All our merchants have gone missing. Lorain, our shopkeeper, is hiding outside town not far from here. I fear for her safety.

If you find her she will be able to provide you with supplies. Come see me and I can show you her location.

The Deadwood will not be happy to learn that one of their leaders has been slain.

Looking to go somewhere?

He's the smartest of the three -- he even knows how to read! However, he also knows how to decapitate a man with a battle axe.

Unfortunately, he was last spotted traveling the Silk Road.

You encountered giant spiders, here in Alderstone? But they haven't been seen in hundreds of years! Something... or someone... is causing unrest.

Agreed. Hero, you must make haste to Brightwall and inform the Princess of what you've seen.

Word of your heroics have spread and others are joining the fight to defend Alderstone! Your courage is an inspiration to many.