The knight is a melee-based class, specializing in close-ranged attacks.

Initially knights have minimal AOE capabilities but quickly evolve into a multi-targeting machine. With skills that allow you to immediately apply a massive 'Thorns Damage' effect, Whirlwind, and massive AOE stuns. The Knight is the more commonly played class and offers the ability to dual wield weapons upon reaching level 55, and also become immune to damage for a short period of time. Overall the Knight is a very well-rounded class.


Skill maim
Skill cleave
Skill charge
Skill hurl
Skill rumble
Skill spikes
Skill whirl
Skill protector
Skill enrage
Skill holyshield
Skill frenzy
Skill layonhands
Skill dualwield
Skill angelicform


The archer is a ranged class, specializing in taking out enemies at a distance using a bow.


Skill volley
Skill spreadshot
Skill frostarrow
Skill decoy
Skill flamearrow
Skill shock
Skill firestorm
Skill smokescreen
Skill pierce
Skill sniper
Skill markofdeath
Skill poisonarrow
Skill falconer
Skill ballista


The Wizard is a ranged class, and does well with crowd control and AoE-based attacks.

Skills Edit

Skill fireball
Skill freeze
Skill incinerate
Skill frostarmor
Skill firedrake
Skill chainlightning
Skill blizzard
Skill polymorph
Skill protectionbubble
Skill teleport
Skill healingfountain
Skill breathoffire
Skill mimic
Skill archmage

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